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Cycling memo: From home to Clementi Central

Tyres still pumped up. Removed rear child seat and wore cycling gear: slacks and a spaghetti top. Decided to keep flat bag which I have attached to the front permanently. Nothing to put in there today, so it is empty. Cross-slinged handbag, so seems like ladies’ handbags’ slings need to be slightly longer, but there is still a problem of it drooping to the front from time to time. Might be a danger hazard for ladies who most probably have less balancing ability. Put on my helmet.  Went out of the door with a smile on my face. Lift size is just right, bicycle fits perfectly.  Cycled leisurely down the pedestrian path down the side of Singapore Poly and Dover MRT station. The ride was full of terrain, but still an enjoyable enough ride though next to the wide thoroughfare of fast traffic. Weather is fine enough, no direct sunlight with sufficient shade from mature trees, and humidity seems light. No bicycle park at the polyclinic building, only a neat handrail which makes my bicycle locked there look proper. Took off helmet, attached to handbag and took the lift to the 2nd floor. Return trip took a different route. Turned right up road that leads to NUS. Terrain climb is steeper but is finished after a short run at the traffic junction. After the traffic light crossing, ride was very pleasant. Road next to path has low traffic. Flat terrain. Very well-shaded and no pressure from having to cycle next to open monsoon drains. Pedestrians are mostly students and staff of Singapore poly out for cigarette breaks. Friendly to cyclist. Dream for urban parks board to set up a project to identify best cycling routes to neighbouring places and have them well-demarcated either by pavement markings or directional sign posts stating destinations to eliminate direction loss. I will start by noting these routes with these entries.



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