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Cycling again after a long while

Had to go teach this morning and remembered why I haven’t been using my bicycle for a long while. Tyres were flat. I decided that I should carry the pump around just so that I will not run out of air. Though it will be quite a dream if they have one of those air pumps at the gas station next to bicycle racks. It could operate on slot coin.

Ride to Dover MRT station was as usual, casual and easy. Thought it would be tiring after a long while away from this way of travelling to places. Well, actually, ride was more pleasant than previously being well-equipped now with a sun hat and shades. However, was quite sensitive to the slight slopes, felt the strain, though not to the extent of being physically damaging. Thoughts of how a new estate’s terrain will feel like, if it were to be on manual wheels.

Riding alone makes more time sense than carrying Yoogz on the back. Walking takes the same time as riding when he’s at the back. Riding alone saves a reasonable amount of time. Riding on a day when you have a fixed schedule is more relaxing since you wouldn’t be limited to the time you spend out. So it works when taking it to the nearest MRT station and back home when travelling for work. Previously thought the bicycle was better during the weekends because there won’t be time constraints, ie. a rush for time. But it turned out that in the context of Singapore, where people tend to spend whole afternoons and nights in shopping areas away from their neighbourhoods, when they come home is not as predictable. Most people like to go home feeling tired and ready for bed. Bicycle rides during the weekends to nearby facilities such as the library and the supermarket remains pleasant in thought. However, I have yet to try grocery shopping and bringing home a week’s supply on a bicycle. It may bring new revelations.

Yoogz needs to catch up on riding. We have been travelling a bit for the past few weeks and I gather this is the type of lifestyle that’s challenging and a way to contribute. So working around creating a saavy traveller of Yoogz.



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