The Green Dollar
Green Dollar

Asia Energy Finance

– scientists, politicians and publics on basic principles and most robust findings of climate science, implications of that science for action, hence facilitating action, risks and opportunities

-cover politics, economics, popular culture, commerce, religion

-policy developments in summits: eg. port cancun

– financing transition to reduced emissions including insights into carbon markets

-impacts of global recession on climate change policy and markets

—valuable updates on domestic and international policy

—insights into investment opportunities and financing constraints in the CDM, clean tech and emerging markets

-understand international carbon markets, trends and expectations for UK

– learn from business experiences in managing global warming adaptation via practical case studies

– prepare for future emissions reporting and trading requirements in compliance and voluntary

– disasters for urgency.

-human health and global warming

-future in agricultural and forestry resources.

-ecosystems and biodiversity

-economics and global warming mitigation

-greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution

-international law and global warming

– extreme events index

-El Nino and N. Atlantia oscillation

-financial, food, fuel, climate crises= low carbon, resource productive economics



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Blackrock: Profile

Blackrock is focused on companies that

1. have individual stock specific catalysts to release additional value

2. benefit the most from an improvement in the macro environment, through either higher oil prices or increased industry capital expenditure.

3. oil services

(Backdrop of oil price driven earnings revisions is a positive one, there are many company-specific factors to highlight even in flat price environemnt. Companies that are low-cost producrs and have strong resource positions, and high impact exploration programmes that are attracting value.)

For more information, contact:
Robin Batchelor, MD, portfolio manager and joint chief investment officer of blackrock's natural resources equity team, or Poppy Allanby: fund manager of Blackrock's natural resources equity team.

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