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Cycling Adventures

Cycling at 6pm

Took off from home at 6pm, expecting to get to Raffles City slightly before 7pm, leaving me enough time to clean up a little before getting to the classroom in time. Didn’t work out that way. Traffic was heavy: it was the peak period, and it’s definitely different from cycling in the weekend, when cars were fewer and drivers more relaxed. Drivers at 6pm are anxious to get home, so they drive faster and definitely though not lethally, but more recklessly. On my cycle home at about 8.15pm, I encountered a car cutting lanes diagonally at high speed, just in front of me on a broad road. Cycling is definitely not for the faint hearted. Also, there were no decent bicycle parks in that area, so I had to contend with parking at a backlane next to the abandoned Capitol Building. It was the best choice available. Also remember to put up your safety light at the rear when riding in the dark.



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Blackrock: Profile

Blackrock is focused on companies that

1. have individual stock specific catalysts to release additional value

2. benefit the most from an improvement in the macro environment, through either higher oil prices or increased industry capital expenditure.

3. oil services

(Backdrop of oil price driven earnings revisions is a positive one, there are many company-specific factors to highlight even in flat price environemnt. Companies that are low-cost producrs and have strong resource positions, and high impact exploration programmes that are attracting value.)

For more information, contact:
Robin Batchelor, MD, portfolio manager and joint chief investment officer of blackrock's natural resources equity team, or Poppy Allanby: fund manager of Blackrock's natural resources equity team.

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