The Green Dollar
About Tropical City State

Tropical City State believes in the power of progressive content and breathes in the confident expectation of good. It is also an advocate of comfortable expression.

All efforts are now used to develop the Green Dollar, a publication on clean energy finance. In the future, it hopes to develop into the subjects of the Elderly and Aging,  Women Today and the Media.

On Departments:

Frivolities. Reflection is a record of the blogger’s beaten up life. Some of you may be inspired by the moments of God in her life and other times, his absense from it.

Free-o-free started out as a listing of free events happening in Singapore, and later moved on to crossword puzzles. It is now being put aside as efforts are being focused on the Green Dollar. It hopes to continue its existence in the future by listing of shops and activities posted in by shop owners who wish to see more of you in their premises. It will hope to engage people in any sort of activity during lunch and after work in Singapore’s CBD.

The 8pm City Square is a work in progress as a part by part novel series about the intricacies of the everyday at Raffles Place. It is fiction with real places, streets and companies.



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Blackrock: Profile

Blackrock is focused on companies that

1. have individual stock specific catalysts to release additional value

2. benefit the most from an improvement in the macro environment, through either higher oil prices or increased industry capital expenditure.

3. oil services

(Backdrop of oil price driven earnings revisions is a positive one, there are many company-specific factors to highlight even in flat price environemnt. Companies that are low-cost producrs and have strong resource positions, and high impact exploration programmes that are attracting value.)

For more information, contact:
Robin Batchelor, MD, portfolio manager and joint chief investment officer of blackrock's natural resources equity team, or Poppy Allanby: fund manager of Blackrock's natural resources equity team.

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