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Cycling at 6pm

Took off from home at 6pm, expecting to get to Raffles City slightly before 7pm, leaving me enough time to clean up a little before getting to the classroom in time. Didn’t work out that way. Traffic was heavy: it was the peak period, and it’s definitely different from cycling in the weekend, when cars … Continue reading

Cycling three consecutive days for the first time

Saturday was to the SGX centre, Sunday was to Hotel 81 at Jalan Besar, Monday was to China Square Central. Nothing much to comment on for the first 2 days. Just that they took about an hour each. On Saturday I took the Dover- Holland Road- Orchard- River Valley next to Great World City- Chinatown- … Continue reading

European cities pose limits, forcing drivers to give up their cars

Self-drive vehicles, widening bicycle lane space and diminishing parking lots at the side of the road push forward community’s change towards an environmentally friendly transport system. Austria’s Vienna, Germany’s Munich and Denmark’s Copenhagen have already decided on the big reform of certain areas to prevent people from driving their privately owned cars. Spain’s Barcelona and … Continue reading

Cycling again after a long while

Had to go teach this morning and remembered why I haven’t been using my bicycle for a long while. Tyres were flat. I decided that I should carry the pump around just so that I will not run out of air. Though it will be quite a dream if they have one of those air … Continue reading

Cycling records for the last 2 weeks

Starting out a MRT trip from Buona Vista instead of Dover saves you 4 cents. So now I cycle to Buona Vista MRT station. The pedestrian path is smoother and safer. Since the last blog entry, there was a night trip to Queenstown library at about 8.45pm, a trip to Buona Vista MRT at about … Continue reading

The Esplanade

Left home at 9.30am to meet friend at Esplanade at 11am. Got there on the dot. Journey there was relatively pleasant, terrain flat enough for tireless ride. Took route Dover-Buona Vista MRT-Commonwealth MRT -Queenstown MRT, turn left down Dawson place, Alexander Rd, Ganges Rd, Havelock with its stretch of hotels like Copthorne Orchid, then cutting … Continue reading

Cycling to the Dentist

Appointment at 3pm. Left home after lunch at about 12.30pm. Snapped on child rear seat. It was a breeze. Out the door, helmets on, and took a casual ride down the pavements. Remembered to check out PAP kindergarten on the way. Was there until 1.15pm. Took a wrong route, which led us to a ramp … Continue reading

Cycling memo: From home to Clementi Central

Tyres still pumped up. Removed rear child seat and wore cycling gear: slacks and a spaghetti top. Decided to keep flat bag which I have attached to the front permanently. Nothing to put in there today, so it is empty. Cross-slinged handbag, so seems like ladies’ handbags’ slings need to be slightly longer, but there … Continue reading

Dream a little dream

16 days (more now at time of post) have passed since the bicycle was sent to my doorstep. The tyres are slightly worn but they are still pumped up. Aside from the obvious advantages of having a thrilled yoogz on the bicycle seat right from the start of travelling instead of having a complaining one … Continue reading

Information for cyclists

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