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Fast lane for green cars. Advertisements

Sustainable Development of Liveable Cities

The International Energy Agency targets to have half of the world’s increasing demand for energy met by renewable sources in year 2050; the UK aims to reduce carbon emissions by 80% in the same year; Joachim Luther[1], a nuclear scientist turned renewable energy researcher, communicates the same urgency and commented that sustained policy activity, coherence … Continue reading

Suggestions from the public & consequences

– Outright ban of plastic bags and styrofoam boxes: extinction of suppliers, loss of jobs – Ban of energy inefficient appliances: Time frame required for phase out of appropriate appliances while others have yet to have energy efficient alternatives – Grants for low-income families to adopt greener technologies: personal view is there can be more … Continue reading


Ownership & Participation


-Eco-recycling park -Commercial Applications for recycled products. -30 year land leases -located near feed industries for synergy projects set up in Tuas -Recycling associations in Singapore

Energy Policy to reduce carbon emissions

Regulatory Standards: 1. Raising Emission Standards of cars 2. Providing subsidies for renewable energy (however, ‘shadow price’ may force costs on consumers and companies. 3. Tiered pricing system for electricity 4. Carbon taxes

Blackrock: Profile

Blackrock is focused on companies that

1. have individual stock specific catalysts to release additional value

2. benefit the most from an improvement in the macro environment, through either higher oil prices or increased industry capital expenditure.

3. oil services

(Backdrop of oil price driven earnings revisions is a positive one, there are many company-specific factors to highlight even in flat price environemnt. Companies that are low-cost producrs and have strong resource positions, and high impact exploration programmes that are attracting value.)

For more information, contact:
Robin Batchelor, MD, portfolio manager and joint chief investment officer of blackrock's natural resources equity team, or Poppy Allanby: fund manager of Blackrock's natural resources equity team.