The Green Dollar
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她之前在印尼的亚洲目的地媒体团体(DestinAsian Media Group)和香港的干草菜市场媒体公司(Haymarket Media)销售广告。销售广告之前,她在澳大利亚的Servcorp 和北京的亿多瑞站承担销售和公关任务。她起初是在已闭幕的动!舞蹈北京工作室开始认识公关工作的。

她一年半前开始计划”绿色币情‘。因为对漫画感兴趣,她也为一家位置在新加坡的L Central 英语学习中心( 兼职画画。

1979年出生的她现在是位妈妈。单生,有时会和某人聚,最近在这方面又再次丧气,可以说定比较不适当成全职女主角。之前经常骑自行车。请看这个博客的’”cycling adventures”.她现在居住在新加坡。如果你想和她交谈,她会很乐意。


She was an advertising salesgirl before throwing in the towel, deciding to explore and write instead. Inspired by her stay in fast and furious Beijing, she hopes to live her life in Singapore with the same familiar excitement. Prior to working in media companies, she was a music teacher and a party organizer. Her education in architecture gave her a level head to consider pragmatic issues. However, her thirst for experience most times leads her to bungee-jump and free-fall.

She previously sold ads at DestinAsian Media Group Indonesia and Haymarket Media Hong Kong.Prior to that, she served brief PR and marketing roles at Servcorp Australia and Eudora Station Beijing. She first learnt PR and big speak at now defunct Move!, a dance studio in Beijing.

She is currently working on “Green Dollar” and freelances as an illustrator for LCentral English Learning Centre ( in Singapore.

Born in 1979, she is now a mother, to a 5 year old son. Currently single, occasionally interested in one in particular, recently trampled and unavailable. She used to cycle whenever possible. Go to ‘cycling adventures’. She lives in Singapore and is always contactable.

Email:| Skype: joyceyjoyceyjoyce| Address: Singapore Post Centre Post Office, PO Box 855, S(914029)



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3. oil services

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